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Blk 1/2 Sim
Something About Mary
Primo x Who Da Man 1602Y
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9/21/2022 10:05:23 PM

767 hfr is some of the best we have to offer---sim fondation deluxe---out of a cow that gets things intersting--767 cows first 2 offspring exploded in the ring to win multiple titles--767 cow goes back to DADDY lukes elders 1602y national champ--really exciting stuff here ---hfrs still a bit green---if I was a betting man--what am I saying hell yes I'm a betting man---put your chips on this one and we won't have to say i told you so---We are fools to sell this high end quality female this green---somebody is going to turn her in 45 days for a boat load or someone is going to have a pile of fun at jr nationals--and maybe both--hfr needs bought and shown at a high level--- keep in mine---this is not a fluff and puff outfit---strong genetics and ranch run program

      below pic DAM                 GRAND DAM                         SKILES HFR                     Reed Stringers hfr


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