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Blk Chi
Made to Order
920- Heatwave -Ali-Who
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9/21/2022 10:05:23 PM

I think this is our best holdover steer in the sale--We had to treat him 2 weeks ago and he's young and needed to not encounter any down time---These calves are on the best of vac programs--he's healthy and rolling and honestly a great steer. hits the bunk like a hungry dog----we only feed 4 lbs morning 5 lbs at night-- 920 Donor Makes them stout and functional -- makes no dif what we breed her to-- she's top 3 donor in this herd -- this steer is major good stock --got to thank the many top producers in the country that have had the faith   Hanewich owe you a thank you for bidding on her offspring every sale -- also kevin fisher -these are top shelf cattle-- Again we should have saved those winner pic better---- as they say bid with confidence here (and on full sib lot  407)--- steer pic below is a made to order 920


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